Microsoft Dev Box Now in Public Preview

Azure recently announced the public preview of Microsoft Dev Box, a workstation in the cloud targeted to developers. Integrated with Windows 365, the new service supports any developer IDE, SDK, or tool that runs on Windows and simplifies onboarding of new developers. Announced in private preview at the Microsoft Build […]

Bloomfield Hills’ Unite Digital Adds Six New Hires

Clockwise from top left: Steven Justice, Pam Rahmaan, Erika Simms, Bill McGough, Rachel Plamodon, Amy Sandberg Unite Digital, a digital marketing company that focuses on OEM-certified dealer digital programs, lead optimization, online-offline retail integration and customer retention and loyalty strategies based in Bloomfield Hills, announced today the expansion of its […]

Blockchain Developer Salary In 2022

Blockchain development is one of the hottest career paths within the Web3 jobs market in 2022. For the uninitiated, a blockchain is a decentralised, distributed database used to store and organise information digitally. While blockchains have a range of applications, they are widely known as the core technology behind crypto […]