Best Web Hosting Services in 2022

It does not matter whether you are a businessman, a seasoned web developer, or planning to own your own eCommerce website, having a reliable web host service is a must. Without web hosting, your website could not exist. Exploring the different options of web hosting available today can take a […]

Average, Demand, and Most Valuable Skills

Your typical full stack developer must juggle a variety of tasks throughout the day. They not only manage the user-facing aspects of a website (such as its UI/UX), but also maintain and use server-side operating systems, frameworks, libraries, and databases. That’s a lot of complexity to handle—especially with limited resources […]

Meta Expands NFT Integration to Facebook

Key Takeaways Meta is expanding its NFT integration plans to Facebook. While the announcement was short on details, it is likely that Facebook will integrate to the same blockchains and wallets as Instagram. This is the latest move on Meta’s part to integrate to Web3 and develop its own Metaverse. […]